Fianovis is Proud to be a Member of AFNOR Standardisation Commission (V03B).

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 We are delighted to announce that our CEO, Boutros Kerbaje, along with the Quality Director, Jean-Michel Henry, have joined as Expert Evaluators AFNOR Standardisation Commission (V03B).

AFNOR, the French Association for Standardisation, is responsible for the development of horizontal methods of food analysis in the field of contaminant detection, particularly mycotoxins.


The AFNOR Group and its subsidiaries form an international organization dedicated to the public interest and sustainable development. With a team of 1,217 employees, 38 locations worldwide, and 63,000 clients, the group has been designing solutions based on voluntary standards, promoting progress and trust since 1926.

Its mission is to support organizations and individuals in promoting this trust. This support is provided through four areas of expertise: Standardisation, Publications, Skills, and Certification.

As a member of the V03B commission, Fianovis contribute to:

  • Reliable and harmonized methods of analysis to ensure the quality and safety in all sectors of the food industry.
  • The promotion of innovative technical progress in food analysis.
  • The interests of French food safety actors on the international stage.

Fianovis commitment to the V03B commission reflects our desire to:

  • Contribute to the protection of consumer health.
  • Support the development of a sustainable agri-food sector.


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