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Expertise, Mission and Values

Fianovis is a french biotechnology laboratory specialized in R&D, production and commercialization of innovative and reliable solutions dedicated to food and feed safety. 

With more than 15 years of expertise in detection and quantification of mycotoxins, and substantial investments in R&D and human talents, Fianovis laboratory has developed specific expertise and technology for uniform and complete labeling by isotopic enrichment with Carbon 13 (stable isotope). 

As an active part of French and International technical standardization committees, Fianovis actively shapes the future of analytical methods, contributing to the standardization and  improvement of industry  benchmarks.

Fianovis molecule Mycotoxin

Act together for food integrity

Food Integrity is at the core of Fianovis concerns. As creator of high quality and bespoke solutions, developed in collaboration with the market most innovative players, Fianovis mission is to give consumers the assurance of safer food and healthier world.

F  =  Food
I   =  Integrity
A =  Authenticity
NOVIS = Innovation

Continuous improvement, proximity and responsiveness: strong values shared with our entire ecosystem

Trusted partner to laboratories, food industry stakeholders, and research centers, Fianovis guarantees high quality and reliability of its products. The company commitment to its ecosystem is based on quality & reliability, expertise & innovation, support and responsiveness. 

Innovation & Know-how

Quality & Reliability

Support & Responsiveness

Made-in-France Quality