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From Libios to Fianovis : a retrospective on some key dates ...

External growth, strong investment in R&D and human talents … in the 15 years following its creation, Libios enjoyed continual growth and innovation to ultimately lead to the creation of Fianovis. Hereafter some key facts.


Imagine a story where innovation meets biology, and a young man strives to create a safer, healthier future. That’s the story of Fianovis, born from the dream of Boutros Kerbaje, a Lebanese student, who embarked on a journey from the Bekaa Valley to France to contribute on his own way to a better world. Armed with 2 Master degrees in Biology and Commercialization techniques, he climbed the corporate ladder in the food industry and founded Libios in 2006. Libios was the first French company specializing in the development and commercialization of analysis kits dedicated to food safety, in particular mycotoxins.


As the European Union ratifies Regulation 1881/2006 on the setting of maximum levels for certain contaminants in foodstuffs, Boutros Kerbaje establishes Libios, his first company. High-tech equipment, ultra-qualified human talents, Boutros invests massively to create a cutting-edge laboratory. Libios brings to the French market rapidly-recognized expertise in the field of diagnostic tests and reagents dedicated to the food safety, food quality and environmental sectors.


External growth: Libios acquires the adulteration branch of a Rouen-based company. Its goal: to contribute to the fight against food fraud by developing specific expertise for the determination of milk and soft wheat adulteration.

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While several food scandals linked to mycotoxins have broken out around the world, Libios continues to invest in this high-stakes segment. The company brings together diverse scientific expertise to develop a unique know-how in France : the production of C13-fully-labeled internal standards dedicated to the detection and quantification of mycotoxins.


In the middle of Covid crisis, after 5 years of R&D, Libios launches the first french range of C13 fully labeled standards dedicated to Mycotoxins detection.  Tested and approved by external laboratories and French public research centers, these cutting-edge solutions provide significant gains in terms of the reliability of results. Libios positions itself on a previously-monopolized market, shaking up norms.


Libios wins the “Made in AURA” trophy at the 16th Fête de l’Entreprise for its range of  C13-fully-labeled internal standards. This event honors the women and men, leaders of innovative, committed companies, who contribute to the economic wealth, innovation and enhancement of the territory… An award that highlights Libios innovative capacity and expertise.


Building upon the success among French and International users, Libios establishes Fianovis, an autonomous structure entirely dedicated to the research, development, production and international commercialization of innovative, high value-added analytical solutions.

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